The Regular 10x13 format is not like the others.

Tristan | LALALAB
Tristan | LALALAB
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The Lalalab Regular 10x13cm format is a simple and elegant photo option. Here's what you need to know:

✨ Premium Quality Paper: Your photos are printed on high-quality 200g/m² paper, ensuring excellent sharpness and durability.

📏 Convenient Size: The prints are in 10x13 cm format, a versatile size perfect for framing your favourite photos or sharing them with loved ones.

🌟 Glossy or Matte Finish: You have the choice of two finishes for your prints. Opt for the glossy finish for vibrant colors or the matte finish for a more understated, sophisticated look.

📐 4/3 Digital Format: With this size, your photos retain their original 4/3 aspect ratio, meaning they will not be unexpectedly cropped.

🖼️ Fully Customisable: You can further personalise your prints. Choose between bordered or borderless prints to achieve the effect you prefer.

📜 Fujifilm Archive Supreme Quality: Your memories come printed on Fujifilm Archive Supreme paper, known for its exceptional quality.

In summary, Lalalab's Regular 10x13cm format offers a simple and elegant way to print your photos. Customisation options ensure your memories meet your expectations. 📸✨