Photobook layouts and multiple images

Ludovic | LALALAB
Ludovic | LALALAB
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At Lalalab, we love making your photo album creation experience as fun and personal as possible! So, if you want to add a little magic touch to your photo album cover, follow these super easy steps:

1. Open your photo album project.
2. Look for the "Edit Cover" button and click on it.
3. In the magically-appearing menu, select "Layout."
4. Want a cover full of surprises? Hold your finger on an image and drag it to another page to automatically create a multi-image layout.
5. If at any point you decide that a particular image deserves its own page, it's as easy as pie! Hold your finger on it and the "Drop here to create a new page" section will appear at the bottom. 📄

A few little tricks to keep up your sleeve:

For our oh-so-sweet Mini Books and Mini Premium Books, only one photo may be featured on the cover.

If you've chosen one of our other albums, you can let your creativity run wild by customising the cover with one or more photos using the "Layout" option.

Please note, our Limited Edition albums are standalone designs, and so their covers cannot be modified.